The Sea Inside

Community Art Project 

The Sea Inside fish .jpg

As part of Scotland's year of Coasts and Waters, three local artists, Jacqueline Briggs, Alice Taylor and Izzy Thomson, were supported by Nature Scot's 'Plunge In! Coasts and Waters Community Fund' to work in partnership with Cromarty Courthouse Museum, alongside the communities of Cromarty and Resolis. This project explored our connection with the sea, in the hope to celebrate people’s appreciation of the area we live in and our desire to look after our coasts and seas. Research gathered from marine experts and memories from local residents was brought together to create a large community artwork in the form of a patchwork sail which was displayed at the Cromarty Courthouse Museum. We worked with the Courthouse Museum to create a project celebrating our coastal communities connection to the sea through research and conversations with locals and scientists.

Art packs.jpg

Art packs containg fabric for collage construction, information sheets and facts about both the coastal history of the area and it's marine inhabitants. 

colleges laid out.jpg

The collages laid out ready to sew together. 

Front of Sail.jpg
Back of sail.jpg

The final sail on display in the Cromarty Courthouse Museum.

sail detail.jpg

See more on the Cromarty Courthouse Museum website.